A Walk to Ramadan “Ramadan Fun Run” is now into Season II comprising of 2Km for kids, 5Km and 15Km Fun Run conducted in Tanzania among Muslim communities together with Non Muslims to better enhance social cohesion; restore their faith to welcome Ramadan. @pink_hijabtz #BeyondAverage www.pinkhijab.or.tz ·


The Walk to Ramadan aims at improving practices and growing faith during the holy Ramadan as we believe people should prepare before Ramadan and acquire the right tips for practices.

  • It is a chance to network for Muslims, individuals, entrepreneurs, grow their business and Stakeholders to acquire new knowledge and message about the holy Ramadan. It will be a platform, a chance for Muslims to hear out views and improve their faith ready for the holy month.
  • This A Walk to Ramadan “Ramadan Fun Run” includes all Muslims and Business Communities from Small, Medium and Large Business, together with start-ups. · About 1000+ Participants will be invited
  • The Walk includes an exhibition where entrepreneurs and business people will have a chance to showcase their product and services.
  • The Exhibition will go on for one (1) day WHY THE WALK TO RAMADAN?
  • A rewarding Investment
  • Preparing for Ramadan, Giving few key points (The do and don’ts) of good and but during Ramadan
  • We call for your support again this year as we endeavor to make sure no Muslim family goes without food during holy month (orphans). · Please let us make sure they get their iftaar on time Keywords: Iftaar on time
2023/03/19 06:00:00