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Pink Hijab Initiative TZ

Pink Hijab Initiatives TZ is nonprofit organisation whose primary purpose is to inspire, educate, encourage and increase awareness to women in respect of their rights and responsibilities economically, politically and socially in various sectors in Tanzania. It began in 2016, with a mandate to empower youth Muslims through constructive engagement and participation in capacity building, networking dialogue, research and communication, health related programs, information sharing and advocacy.


The mission informs all the thematic focus areas of the organization and directs all efforts that are undertaken by the programmes. To inspire and equip women with the knowledge and information and to be a driving force of development in Tanzania


The vision is the final destination of the organization. It is where all our efforts are supposed to lead to empower and equip women with the knowledge and information necessary to thrive in the socio-economic spheres in Tanzania.

Core Values

We remain guided by the timeless values and teachings of the Qur’an and the prophetic example (Sunnah), most specifically: The core values of the Organization shall be as follows;

  • Love for your neighbor as thyself;
  • Compassion for those in need;
  • Excellence in the Organization’s work;
  • Integrity in all the Organization’s relationships and activities; and
  • “Can do” and “will do” attitude in all circumstances.
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Our Activities

Livelihood and Economic Empowerment

Pink Hijab Initiatives TZ experience of working with a variety of organizations and groups has shown that; by focusing on young peoples skills, strengths and abilities, one significantly increases their propensity to perform better and maximize individual positive potential.

Muslim Youth Leadership

The aim of Muslim Youth leadership Development Programme is to encourage young Muslims to dream, discover, design and create their destiny by challenging existing systems that do not correspond to the demands of modern society. In this thematic area, we cover the below skills which aims to prepare the beneficiaries to take up leadership roles and responsibilities in their respective communities

Hijab Campaign

Hijab Campaign (Better Awareness, Great Understanding -Tuwavishe): Ambassador (World Hijab Day) The purpose of World Hijab Day annual event on February 1st of every year is to openly invite women of all faiths to don the hijab for a day to bring awareness about the hijab in order to normalize the head-coverings of Muslim women. a continues Programme which aims to fight discrimination against Muslim women through awareness and education through the following programs, stara4everywomen, Many Muslim women are discriminated at the job market for simply wearing the hijab. In many cases, women with hijab have to choose between their livelihood and their hijab. The purpose of this program is to equip Muslim women with the necessary skills in landing a job without compromising their faith. Muslimah Mentoring Program (MMP)Many Muslim women (Muslimah) see the hijab as a roadblock to their success due to the ongoing discrimination they face on a daily basis. World Hijab Day Organization intends to conduct one to one mentoring program for Muslim women to unleash their highest potential without compromising their faith.

Save A Girl Child Donate A Pad

Pink Hijab has started a campaign to collect sanitary pads for vulnerable young girls across the country. We raise 3000 packs of Sanitary Pads to support the underprivileged girls in various religion of Dar es Salaam (Upcountry) so far we have coved , Tunduru, Mkuranga, Chalinze, Handeni. WHAT CAN WE DO TO HELP? It is time to prioritize women’s health. Let us rise and create awareness by talking, educating , campaigning, donating and ensuring proper menstrual hygiene management to keep our girls in school , improve our business and economy sectors as well. In 2012, the UN Secretary General Ban Kimoon said that ‘’the greatest return comes from investing in girls and women. When they are educated, they drive development in their families, communities and nations.’’

Gala Marriage

Education program in promoting access to quality and health long last marriage Attending this event help couples enhance their strengths, clarify expectations, identify areas needing change, learn and practice communication and conflict resolution skills, and religious practice

EiD Fetefete

Bring the kids together as part of networking and educating social life

Masjid Beautification Day

This is an annual gathering of volunteers to help clean and improve the look of mosques inside and out, and it also has brought out volunteers to clean up and beautify the surrounding neighborhood in a joint effort spearheaded by the Muslim community of the mosque. Join together in a day of community service towards building stronger, more attractive, and friendlier Masjids. it’s a monthly routine, doing general cleanliness in various Masjid and helping in small repairs and maintenance during the course of cleanness. In addition to the main mosque building itself, we take care of associated facilities like schools and cemeteries belonging to the Muslim community. Bringing together communities Pink Hijab has always attracted many types of volunteers, bringing together a large group of people for a day of shared community building. It has especially brought out a large number of youth volunteers from small children up to young professionals in the area, while also welcoming a sizable volunteer base of men and women from more senior ages. Thanks to our outreach efforts, we have also gotten great participation from neighbors, including church groups, university students, and supportive residents of the surrounding community who are eager to help.

Dine with Orphans

Pink Hijab we try in making a difference in the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, we wanted an adventure. we wanted to do something more socially orientated – something “worthwhile.” We did a bit of research and talked to some friends, and ended up finding out about various conclusion that orphans are take-care of during the holy month of Ramadan and forgotten during Eid Occasion. Empower orphans to reach their full potential through family-based care and powerful communities, Our method turns “What Ifs” into “Why Nots.” Our purpose: A safe, loving family for every child. We do this by putting systems in place to monitor and ensure children get new cloths, shoes, Kanzu, Hijab and snacks for EiD celebration. Our measurable, systematic method ensures that children are where they belong, loved, educated, healthy — and in a safe home. And we collaborate with governments, other non-profits and local family-strengthening organizations to transform systems and give children a voice. Because we know that even the greatest challenges can be solved when wellmeaning people work together. When you donate, you become the hero and make all of this possible. Because when you bring together the “haves” and the “have-nots,” miracles happen.


Health Programs including (maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS/Communicable and non-communicable diseases.
Carrying research on Education, health, water sanitation and hygiene and other social issues
Pads Campaign moto” Save a girl donate a pad
Masjid month cleanness
Donation of blood bank

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